Reading & Leeds 2016 line up released

Reading & Leeds 2016 line up released

The line up for Reading & Leeds Festival 2016 is starting to fill up as they release more acts for the Festival held on 26th – 28th August at the Reading & Leeds site . No stage or venue splits released yet but the line up is starting to fill up with some big names , as you would expect from the Reading & Leeds festival it’s currently an eclectic mix of music for your delight.

Released so far you have

Red Hot Chilli Pepper – The 1975 – Courteeners – Foals

Discolsure – Imagine Dragons – Jack U – Two Door Cinema Club

Twenty One Pilots – Eagles of Death – Fetty Wap – Parkway Drive

Eagles of Death Metal – Boy Better Know – DJ EZ – Crossfaith- Hinds – Rat Boy

Crystal Castle – Oliver Heldens – Hannah Wants – Nothing But Thieves – The Internet

With more to come i’m sure , Don’t forget to get all your camping gear and essentials for this festival from Festival Camper – The festival specialist !

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HOTCAN – New range of flavors launched

Hotcan have launched the new new of flavors for their 2014 range and although some of the old favorites have gone they have been replaced with some great alternatives so gone are beans with balls and bangers and beans but now we have the full range in stock that includes : 

All day breakfast ,Beans & Burger bites, Beef Hotpot , Beef stew & Dumplings , Vegetable Balti & Vegetable Hot Pot .

Hotcans are an amazing product  that requires you to simply pierce the can in 3 places and sit back for 8-12 minutes .Inside is a can of food surrounded by an outer can and in the space between the two cans is a water sachet and granular limestone (the same compound found in some toothpastes). When you insert the spike into the three holes in the top rim of the can this pierces the water sachet, the water then flows into the limestone and a natural reaction occurs between the limestone and water which produces heat. This warms up the food inside the can and within 8-12 minutes it will be a perfect eating temperature.

These are an absolute festival essential and they should 100% be on your shopping list



Festival Essentials Kit

Festival Essentials Kit

Despite the obvious of your tent, money and tickets, I would say these are the top 12 ( we couldn’t agree on just 10 ) tips for gear you should consider taking. We have found this out the hard way over many years of festival going so you don’t have to , We hope it helps those festival virgins of you experiencing the joys of muddy fields and missing hours for the first time.

Ear Plugs

Might sound silly but trust me when your trying to get to sleep with people snoring, talking and playing music you’ll be glad you’ve got them.

Travel John Pee Bags

These fantastic bags will mean you don’t have to leave your tent in the middle of the night in the dark, cold & wet weather for some stinking toilets.

Head Torch

You might look like a miner but trust me you’ll be glad you’ve got your hands free when your scrabbling around trying to find things.


The good old British summer time always likes to throw in a shower or 2 so be prepared.

Bin bags

You will need somewhere to put your dirty clothes and they are great for keeping your clean clothes dry should your tent leak.

Body Wipes/ Wet Wipes

You don’t have the luxury of a shower so you’ll need something to freshen you up and these are the best solution.

Hand Gel

If you do use the Toilets then the free Hand Gel in them will run out in hours so don’t forget to take your own.

Folding Chair

Trust me you will want one to sit in first thing in the morning and last thing at night as you all sit around chatting about the day.

Good Quality Sleeping Bag

It might be summer time but it will get cold at night so spend an extra few quid and invest it in a decent sleeping bag

Mobile Phone Charger

The only way of getting hold of your mates is you phone so ensure you have something to recharge your phone while your there.


Even if it looks sunny take some there is nothing worse than soaking wet feet after a day of standing about with mud upto your ankles.


You won’t stand out for 12 hours in Spain without any cream on so don’t do it in the UK , You will already be dehydrated from all the booze you’ve consumed so don’t add sun stroke/ sun burn to it , trust me it will ruin you weekend.


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