Smuggle your booze into festivals

Smuggle your booze into festivals 

Smuggle your booze Inc from America have finally come up with 3 fool proof ( well almost ) ways of trying to smuggle your booze into a festival / night club or bar . With products mainly aimed to help the female population sneak in their favorite tipple.

Fake Tampon Booze Tubes

The Fake Tampon booze tube is our favorite one and we are certain that no hairy arsed bouncer is going to question seeing Tampon’s in a girls bag but little do they know you’ve concealed 5 shots of either neat spirits or a pre mixed cocktail inside.



Fake Sun cream Flask

The fake suncream bottle will conceal 8 Floz of booze safely and comes with a funnel as part of the deal to help you fill it up. Once again no bouncer is going to question someone with suncream on a sunny festival day or indeed question why a girl might have that at the bottom of her handbag .



Soft Booze Bags

Soft booze bags are perfect to conceal in your bra , down your trousers or in your socks or welly’s , Each pack comes with 4 bags that will conceal 4 Fl 0z each and a funnel to help you fill them. Again no bouncer is going to check in your bra or down your pants when giving you the once over !



Festival Tents

Festival Tents 

We often get asked what’s the best tent for a festival and that’s a really difficult question to answer as it normally depends on your budget , age , experience and the festival you might be going to . Normally if you are a festival virgin and on a budget then just about anything will do as you generally don’t care and probably won’t spend any time in your tent anyway ! you are normally happy to buy the cheapest single skinned tent you can get your hands on and a Quickpitch pop up style tent tends to tick your boxes



As your experience and budget increases people tend to upgrade to something with a little more room as you’ve now realised that 2 man festival tent doesn’t mean 2 man plus all your gear and single skinned doesn’t offer you the same protection against the elements ( on cheaper brands ) as the double skinned version do so you’ve tended to move onto a 3 Man festival tent even though there is only 1 or 2 of you



By now you are a hardened festival goer and you now camp as a large group of you ,all whom have done this before and now want a little more luxury and space because of all the additional luxury items you now bring with you ( normally a trailer full ). You have decided that you are going to spend more money and go for something that will see you through the next few festivals and might even be used out of the festival season for general camping. This normally involves a big jump from the £40 – £50 range to the £250 + and this is where the Canvas Tepee tents and large dome style tents enter the market. The POD range covers both a large 4 man and a huge 8 man plus the option of joining them together to become a festival Legend.



So in short the perfect festival tent is the one you can afford at that point in your life and delivers the comfort you’re looking for.