Travel John Portable Urinal- Wee bag


TravelJohn is a festival camping must have if you don’t want to join a mile long queue to some stinking toilets, Pee into the bag , the fluid then turns into a gel meaning no mess and no smell,  Then simply throw away


Travel John Portable Urinal 

Travel John portable urinals , if you haven’t heard about Travel John’s then were have you been ?? They are an absolute festival must have item if you want to avoid queuing for hours at the stinky toilets or leave your tent in the middle of the night then Travel John is the answer.

This small unit is suitable for both men and women and once used turns to a gel and is self sealing so no mess, no fuss , simply pee into the bag and it turns into a gel instantly its as easy as that..

Imagine the joy of not having to go to the toilets in the middle of the night when it’s cold and wet just get out your TravelJohn take a leak and leave it to one side to throw away in the morning.

Each pack contains 3 TravelJohn and hand wipes.


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