Festival Hygiene Kit – Essentials


Everyone needs the basics to get by at a Festival and this basic Festival Hygiene kit covers the basic requirements to help your festival experience run smoothly.

Basic Hygine kit includes :

Waterless Shampoo – 2 floz

Waterless Body Wash – 2 fl oz

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

8ml Hand Sanitiser Pen

1 x 3 Pack Travel Johns

1 x 10 Pack Toilet Seat covers

All packed in a drawstring cotton bag

Festival hygiene kit 

Everyone needs some festival hygiene kit  to get by at a festival and this festival hygiene kit  includes the basic requirements to help your festival experience run smoothly. Anyone who’s been to a festival knows how difficult hygiene can be after the toilets have been used by thousands of other people before you.  This essential festival hygiene kit includes the basics you might need to get by for your festival weekend .

Travel Johns are an absolute must , simply unfold the bag and pee into it , this turns to gel after a few seconds  no mess , no smell and no queue to a stinking toilet required

Toilet seat covers – If you can’t hover and actually need to sit on a toilet seat then at least these toilet seat covers will offer a barrier

Waterless Shampoo & body wash – Simply apply , rub and towel off its that simple with these products

Toothbrush & Toothpaste – To keep that breath minty fresh

Hand Sterilizer – This great little pen of hand sterilizer should keep any nasty bugs at bay.



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